Comfortable in the hands

The new MP-1 is a traditional style pistol grip that has been combined with the current trend for oversized designs to produce a grip that sits comfortably in the hands, without losing any of the feel and precision offered in a traditional pistol grip.

Weighing 59g, the MP-1 features a polyurethane textured surface and a tacky feel – especially good in damp or wet conditions. In addition the base rubber compound contains shock-dampening properties which reduces vibration through the hands at impact promoting high levels of feedback in the stroke.

Aids a nice smooth putting stroke

G-Rip understands that putting is all about feel and control. A putter grip should be light, so as not to create tension in the muscles of the forearms, whilst at the same time feeling comfortable in the hands.

The MP-1 encourages a light grip on the putter which in turn enhances both feel and control leading to a smooth stroke, better distance control, improved consistency and more holed putts.

The new MP-1 putter grip combines G-RIP’s innovative technology and use of high-performance materials to help golfers of all abilities get more feel into their short game and help lower their scores.