Mocad Electric Golf Trolley Speed Control Unit

This is a UK manufactured replacment controller board for a Mocad Electric Golf Trolley. This will fit all models of Mocad and we are on hand to offer fitting advice if required.

This unit attaches directly to the trolley frame using the top two screws of your existing unit so no drilling or alteration is required.

The symptoms of a Mocad which requries a new Controller are:

  • Trolley is dead, or
  • the trolley will only go at one speed, or
  • The trolley is intermittant.

There are other things which can give the same symptoms as above, such as a faulty potentiomater or a faulty motor/gearbox. If you are unsure which part you need you would be advised to leave your trolley into your local golf trolley repair centre for diagnosis.

If the polarity has been reversed on your trolley (battery connected ‘red to black’ and ‘black to red’) then the controller will have been damaged and need replaced.